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6501Re: [NTO] centering problem

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  • Barry
    Apr 10, 2005
      Thanks for the help Ed. I shall get it sorted eventually as sure as I'm
      riding this donkey!!


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      From: "Edward Brown" <ebrown1927@...>
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      Sent: Sunday, April 10, 2005 1:42 AM
      Subject: Re: [NTO] centering problem

      > I don't know where you are exactly. But here is one place I use it. table
      align="center" width="100%" and you might want to make your td's if a
      certain width. Anywhere you specify width="some number" change it to
      percent. Go over and join the Cightml list.
      http://www.mcfedries.com/CreatingAWebPage/mailing-list.asp Or go to
      http://htmlfixit.com/tools.php and you will find excellent help. Just tell
      them where you are in learning html and exactly what is happening and give
      them your webpage url and they will look at it and give you lots of helpful
      insight and repairs. Eventually you can understand Wc3's validator. This is
      what they do and what they are really good at doing. Do you use CSS? That is
      where we are going now.
      > Ed
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