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6495Re: [NTO] PC power supply dead?

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  • Barry
    Apr 9 7:32 PM
      All ISPs have a 'whitelist' and whatever they agree to put on it is allowed
      access through their servers. A number of people in a forum that I write to
      are AOL members and my mail was originally classified as spam until their
      addresses, at my request, were added to the AOL whitelist. It's a pain I
      know but a way to circumvent the system.

      Take care Barry UK

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      From: "Jeff Scism" <scismgenie@...>
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      Sent: Saturday, April 09, 2005 9:31 PM
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      > One of the reasons I left AOL was because they have built in internet
      > filtering, even of email. I do genealogy and I found that "key words" in
      > the filters were things like Boy, sex, child, address, etc. things
      > VERY commonly used in genealogy.
      > AOL uses "proximity" filtering, and sometimes the real stuff gets
      > through and the stuff I want to see never does.
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