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6470Re: [NTO] PC power supply dead?

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  • Jason W.
    Mar 31 11:32 PM
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      On Apr 1, 2005 1:13 AM, alice ttlg <alice.ttlg@...> wrote:

      > Wasn't the power supply, I replaced that and still nothing.


      > I can see where the wire from the switch to the board, how do I short
      > the two pins without electrocuting myself or frying the board?

      Just grab a small screwdriver and make contact with both pins. Failing
      that, you can bend a paperclip to do so. It sounds scary but it's
      kinda cool once you do it the first time LOL

      > And in the meantime, I dug out my mom's old computer which is faster
      > (PIII 650 mhz) but less ram (128 meg vs my 256 meg) and stuck my hard

      You may be able to move some RAM from your old puter to hers...

      > This will do until I've worked a few more months and get me a brand
      > new PC and then I'll Linux this one.


      HTH, YMMV, HANW :)


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