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6310Re: RE: [NTO] Firefox help

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  • Alec Burgess
    Feb 28, 2005

      Christine: > ...tab browser extensions...?
      > I'm already rebuilding my main machine because I messed
      > (again) with too much incompatible free and shareware!
      > <LOL> Do I need to fear? Or at least worry?

      Since Firefox version 1.0 most extensions can be easily and safely
      installed/disabled/uninstalled - YMMV :-)

      I'd used TabBrowserExtension for some time in previous releases but
      apparently it takes a rather heavy handed approach to replacing core pieces
      of Firefox. This fairly new extension:
      TabMix - http://hemiolapei.free.fr/divers/tabmix/tabmix.html.en seems to do
      a pretty good job of providing most of the functionality previously only
      available by using TBE (TabBrowserExtension) or else a host of smaller
      single purpose extensions some of which confilicted with each other.

      I just checked the options and it *does* include support for "Tabs at
      bottom" though I've never liked that style myself.

      Regards ... Alec
      ( ) { } [ ] \ | 9 0 + = () {} []

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      Subject: [gla: RE: [NTO] Firefox help

      > I've enjoyed MyIE2 for quite some time, but for some
      > reason, it started soaking up system resources! I
      > thought on a new computer, I'd give Firefox a try.
      > I didn't see anything in the options, but didn't think to
      > look under accounts. :) I'm still browsing through it and
      > trying to get a handle on the slight languaging changes.
      > I'll check that out and Josh, thanks for the links. I'll
      > get there, too.
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