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6271Re: [NTO] Where's the Thunderbird Option to Queue Mail?

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  • hsavage
    Feb 20, 2005
      Jody wrote:
      > Hi All,
      > Thanks! That makes me feel much better and my apologies to
      > anybody that may have got a bit tee'd off at me for talking about
      > geeks and idiots.
      > Just for kicks I renamed a FireFox xpi to zip and it opens up in
      > WinZip and will extract. So, I figure the xpi format is a
      > standard zip format and the Mozilla family simply unzips it,
      > unzips the jar, etc, and installs.
      > and keeping up with MS tradition they change it
      > thinking they know best. <g>
      > Happy Topics,
      > Jody

      Jody, all,

      The impression that .xpi is .zip in disguise may be valid, still,
      in MagicSlr and other .xpi files there are additional support
      files and I doubt they are utilized if the file is unzipped

      Example, within MagicSlr is a .jar file and 2 support files, 1
      with data I can't guess about and 1 with entries for the prefs
      file to accommodate MagicSlr.

      hrs > hsavage@...
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