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6270Re: [NTO] Where's the Thunderbird Option to Queue Mail?

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  • Jody
    Feb 20, 2005
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      Hi All,

      Thanks! That makes me feel much better and my apologies to
      anybody that may have got a bit tee'd off at me for talking about
      geeks and idiots. <g> Must be something on my machine. Maybe the
      browser; I'll try another later just to see if I can find the
      problem of the renaming to zip here.

      Just for kicks I renamed a FireFox xpi to zip and it opens up in
      WinZip and will extract. So, I figure the xpi format is a
      standard zip format and the Mozilla family simply unzips it,
      unzips the jar, etc, and installs.

      I had originally downloaded in NetCaptor, and just did a FireFox.
      FireFox does not change the extension. So, I needed to see if it
      was a NetCaptor or IE thing, and leave it to MS, IE is the
      culprit that renames the xpi to zip. Maybe IE actually looks into
      the file to check for viruses or what have you and sees that it
      is a zip format and keeping up with MS tradition they change it
      thinking they know best. <g>

      So, at least if the problems appears again, we'll know what to
      tell the person who needs to install their .zipxpi extension. <g>
      The zip will work fine in at least Thunderbird, so I image
      FireFox will work the same way. Just click on the All Files in
      order to see the zip from the Extension dialog and it'll do its
      thing just as if it had the xpi extension.

      >> Did you try it? It downloads as a zip file. That's where all
      >> the confusion came from. It says it is an xpi file, but it is a
      >> zip.
      >> this one: http://extensionroom.mozdev.org/more-info/magicslr

      Happy Topics,

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