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6245RE: [NTO] Re: [NH] Forms on website without Mail Merge, SSI, et., and now Counters

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  • Christine
    Feb 13, 2005
      Thanks for the recommendation!
      I do have server side and would like to have it viewable. I'd be happy to
      cough up $10.00. (That's all!?) God knows it is the least I can do for a
      counter, plus years and years of help here on the lists!

      I'll take a look probably tomorrow. Today's a busy day.:)
      Thanks again!

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      Subject: [NTO] Re: [NH] Forms on website without Mail Merge, SSI, et.,
      and now Counters

      Christine wrote:
      > I've been using npsis.com for years for the same reason. :)
      > I won't get into their kudos, but they deserve them. For all the bad
      > there are just as many good ones.
      > Changing the subject a little, does anyone know of a good Counter company?
      > I used to use Andale, and still do, but can't find my log-in page anymore
      > their site. They're too busy selling things.
      > Thanks,
      > Christine
      Since we are apprently endorsing products and organizations today :-)
      Head on over to http://htmlfixit.com/free.php and check out our
      statistical counter. It is a great counter/stats program. It is much
      more honest than a typical counter, tells you when your page is crawled,
      gives stats on users browser, javascript status, etc. We support it
      with live help. If you have server side, I can tell you how to display
      the count in your page if you wish to do so and it always counts in the
      background. It runs in perl. *Like notetab, there is a completely free
      version and a $10 paid version.* We are about to release a new advanced
      version that is even better, and it will go to registered users without
      cost. We have had very good feedback on our stats counter and it has
      been used by some pretty heavy duty sites with success.

      Additional discussion of this should probably head over to the off topic
      list, and additional endorsments of hosting should likewise head off
      topic (that was the point of my earlier email :-) as these types of
      things always seem to get off topic quickly).

      I'll copy this to off topic so others can make recommendations over there.
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