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6239Re: [NTO] Some privacy

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  • Paul Harder
    Feb 8, 2005
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      Mordechai wrote:
      > Hello Everybody,
      > Recently I have noticed that in some search engines I use (such as Google, Alltheweb, Altavista etc.), the queries are cumulating (not the search results) and the list is growing. I could not find how to clear this list so I looked for some program and found "Window Washer" which is said to "wash" all privacy items. Well, I gave it a try, but this certain list is still there and growing.
      > I would like to ask you for some advice how to clear this list (with or without this so called "Washer").


      If you download and install the Google toolbar, you can click on its
      Google logo button and open up a dialog box of options. There are three
      tabs. Click on the "More" tab. At the top of that tab, uncheck the
      option to "Save the search history across browser sessions". That seems
      to eliminate the search history dropdown list, both in the Google
      toolbar itself and in the search field of the Google website.



      Paul H. Harder, Ph.D.
      Houston, TX
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