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6235RE: [NTO] Anyone use Quicken?

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  • Christine
    Jan 31, 2005
      Excellent questions.

      I've imported about 9 accounts from a different computer, all of which are
      still operating just fine on the original computer.

      There isn't a tree structure in Quicken per se. When one creates the
      account, one tells it what type it is. For example, these were created as
      Credit Cards, vs. Cash, Checking, Mutual Funds, etc. It's assigned
      explicitly, IOW.

      I've finally given up. I have a new computer I just received in delivery.
      I'm going to try to import into a brand new install (vs. many times
      upgraded) on that system and see what happens.

      Thanks for the thoughts.

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      I'm wondering whether it's your chart of accounts that is "broken" and not

      From memory, I think you said that you had imported the two accounts
      involved from a different computer? Does this mean that they were (and are
      still) working fine in the original computer but not in the one you imported
      them into?

      Did they really get imported into the correct place in your chart of

      I don't have Quicken at home for personal use, and access it at one client's
      premises only to find and fix specific problems, which I do by analysis, not
      previous knowledge. So I'm speculating heavily here, but ...

      ... accounts have a predisposition on how they apply positive numbers (i.e.
      income or expense). Is this behaviour inherited from where they sit in the
      tree structure of the accounts, or is it assigned explicitly to each
      account? Certainly, when I've created a new low-level account, I don't
      recall needing to say what type of account it is, my recollection is that it
      knows this by where it is in the tree structure. (Could be hopelessly wrong
      on this recollection, so treat it with the suspicion it deserves.)

      Dave S
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