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6216Re: [NTO] Making Note Tab Light work with Miktex

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  • ron_riche
    Jan 25, 2005
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      Log on to "www.texlips.net" and download the TeXlips
      2.0 or 1.2 library package. I suggest 2.0 (beta but
      it works fine). It is already optimized for MikTeX
      and has all of the paths for the standard TDS used by
      MikTeX. Also has clipbars, icons, etc. Combined with
      MikTeX it makes NoteTab a complete TeX system.
      Forward search will only work with NTP due to the way
      this clip is written. It can be modified to also work
      in Lite.

      TeXlips 2.0 also has clips for BibTeX, CygWin, etc.
      The only thing lacking (if you want it) for NoteTab to
      be a complete TeX system using TeXLips and MikTeX is
      syntax highlighting for TeX. You can also add the
      LatexPie clipbar and library from the NoteTab
      libraries online. It also works with MikTeX but is
      not optimized for that distribution as is TeXlips.


      --- Jody <kjv-av1611@...> wrote:

      > Hi anj,
      > >Hello. I have a user who wants to use Note Tab
      > Light with Miktex
      > >but he can't "link" the two.. does anyone have any
      > hints? Thanks!
      > What does Miktex do? Does he need to pass a file to
      > it via the command-line?
      > If so, right click over a Library (press F4 to
      > toggle the
      > Clipbook Library open/closed) and choose Add Clip.
      > Paste the
      > following into it. It would be his full path to
      > Miktex. The
      > F:\MailBag\Mailboxes\2001toc.mbg Gets the path to
      > the focused
      > file in NoteTab.
      > ^!"Miktex\path.exe" ^##
      > Happy Clip'n!
      > Jody
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