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6212Re: [NTO] Making Note Tab Light work with Miktex

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  • Jody
    Jan 20, 2005
      Hi anj,

      >Hello. I have a user who wants to use Note Tab Light with Miktex
      >but he can't "link" the two.. does anyone have any hints? Thanks!

      What does Miktex do? Does he need to pass a file to it via the command-line?

      If so, right click over a Library (press F4 to toggle the
      Clipbook Library open/closed) and choose Add Clip. Paste the
      following into it. It would be his full path to Miktex. The
      F:\MailBag\Mailboxes\2001toc.mbg Gets the path to the focused
      file in NoteTab.

      ^!"Miktex\path.exe" ^##

      Happy Clip'n!

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