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6189Re: Thunderbird vs. The Bat [was: Re: [NTO] Outlook Express Folders]

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  • Don - htmlfixit.com
    Jan 10, 2005
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      > Dear All
      > I wonder how Thunderbird goes in comparison with The Bat... Do you
      > have any opinion abot that?
      > Best,
      > Wojciech/Subscriber

      Bat's fly mainly at night and unless in a large group are very silent.
      Thunderbirds fly whenever they wish and sound like thunder - hence the
      name. I use thunderbird and like it very much. I use it to gather rss
      feeds I like to follow and for a half dozen email addresses I stay on
      top of. It has pretty good filtering capabilities for spam, though not
      bullet proof. It does however, seldom trash good mail as spam.
      Sometimes it doesn't seem to learn something is spam as quickly as I
      might think it would. I am however overdue to upgrade to the newer
      version and maybe my experience is below what the current version
      offers. It is still miles ahead of where I was with oe in my opinion.

      I once had oe decide to rollover my email files because of size ... it
      just started a new folder and named it number 2 and it was as if my old
      stuff just disappeared. I had to go find it. Very difficult to sort
      out. I also had it once build a file so big that I couldn't work with
      the file because there wasn't sufficient space on the disk to write a
      compacted version. I should of course be less of a pack rat about email
      ... but then I'm not.

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