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6144Re: [NTO] spellcheck multiple text or html docs

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  • Al Guevara
    Jan 5, 2005
      Thank you Jody, Im new to clips, dont even know what they are... is this pretty easy?


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      On 1/5/2005 at 12:24 PM Jody wrote:

      >Hi Al,
      >>How can I use NoteTab to spellcheck multiple text or html docs?
      >Not without clicking on the next tab and restarting it or using
      >the Clip below...
      >This seems to work. Click on the left most document tab and then
      >on the Clip. Press Ctrl+Alt to end the session. Surprisingly, the
      >Information dialog that pops up after each page is done seems to
      >block the Clip from continuing to do the next tab, but once close
      >the next tab is focused, and the checking continues. If it
      >interferes on your end, let me know and I can also check for it.
      ><--- Copy below this line --->
      >H=Multiple Doc Spelling Checker
      >; eMailed on 01-05-2005, ntb-OffTopic@yahoogroups.com, Jody
      >; http://www.fookes.us/redir <-- Buy Fookes Software Plea$e ;)
      >; notetab.net, clean-funnies.com, fookes.us, sojourner.us
      >; Click on the left most document tab and then on the Clip.
      >; Press Ctrl+Alt to end the session.
      >; checks document for spells cast upon it <bg>
      >^!Toolbar Spell Check
      >^!Delay 5
      >^!IfDiff "^$StrCopy("^$GetAppTitle$";1;11)$" "Spell Check" Next else
      >^!Document Next
      >^!Toolbar Spell Check
      >^!Goto Loop
      ><--- Copy above this line --->
      ><--- Right click over a Library --->
      ><--- Choose: Add from Clipboard --->
      >Happy Topics,
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