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6092Re: EzTrust Antivirus (was Re: [NTO] Eudora 4.3.2 setup)

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  • Jody
    Nov 29, 2004
      Hi Hugo

      >Hi Lotta and Jody,
      >Digging deeper... I visited CA support.

      Wow! I wish I was more enthusiastic about visiting sites looking
      for documentation and answers to my questions. Time, you know... :)

      Thanks for posting the Ctrl+D below to get to more features to configure!

      FWIW, I had already reverted back to 6.xx and will just stay with
      it so long as they keep supporting it with new sig files. I'm
      turning 50 in January, so I guess you could say I am getting old
      and set in my ways. I so much more prefer the old standard of a
      Menubar to get to things that it is hard for me to get use to the
      new design of EZ Antivirus. They need to have a feature/button to
      click on (sort of like in WinZip as far as a feature goes) to use
      the Classic interface or the new one. WinXP has the same thing. I
      much more prefer the Classic windows. :) -jody

      >I turns out that you do have more settings available by clicking
      >the Virus Scanning tab and after that, the Scan Settings button.
      >When you are there, press ALT+D and a more complicated settings
      >window will open. I wonder if this fits your needs though. In any
      >case, I do not think you can turn the system icon off, since it
      >will disavble automatic downlaods as well, apparently,
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