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6073Re: EzTrust Antivirus (was Re: [NTO] Eudora 4.3.2 setup)

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  • Jody
    Nov 24, 2004
      Hi Barry,

      >But I like it and it works very well, doing what it's supposed to
      >do. So there. <g>

      Good for you! But it interferes now with another program I have
      and cannot be used for me in its current state. I have to turn
      off the eMail checking and there's no way to remove it from the
      tray. They took other configuration settings away also that I
      need. They went Microsoftish on us. :( Please don't take that
      wrong. I love Windows XP and some other MS products. It's just
      that they do some things to protect the user that's really hard
      to get around and causes problems if not worked around.

      >Take care. Barry UK

      U2! 8D

      >> Jody wrote:
      >>>> Why do programs that start out as really good turn bad? I've
      >>>> used Kerio for years and ETrust since the days it was free
      >>>> and called Inoculate PE without a problem. :-(
      >> >
      >>> Me too! I don't really like the new version of EzTrust AV
      >>> because they did away with a lot of the user configuration, or
      >>> at least I cannot find
      >> Exactly! In addition to that I hate the interface. They all use
      >> that horrible "look" now, Kerio too. Why are they always light-
      >> blue? No normal menus, can't use keyboard at all and the dumb
      >> thing can't be minimized while scanning. Boo hiss! I paid for a
      >> year's subscription just a couple of months ago, so I guess
      >> I'll stick with it a while. Then I'll go with one of the free
      >> ones.

      Happy Topics,

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