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6070Re: EzTrust Antivirus (was Re: [NTO] Eudora 4.3.2 setup)

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  • loro
    Nov 23, 2004
      Jody wrote:
      > >Why do programs that start out as really good turn bad? I've used
      > >Kerio for years and ETrust since the days it was free and called
      > >Inoculate PE without a problem. :-(
      >Me too! I don't really like the new version of EzTrust AV because
      >they did away with a lot of the user configuration, or at least I
      >cannot find

      Exactly! In addition to that I hate the interface. They all use that
      horrible "look" now, Kerio too. Why are they always light-blue? No normal
      menus, can't use keyboard at all and the dumb thing can't be minimized
      while scanning. Boo hiss! I paid for a year's subscription just a couple of
      months ago, so I guess I'll stick with it a while. Then I'll go with one of
      the free ones.

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