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6052EzTrust Antivirus (was Re: [NTO] Eudora 4.3.2 setup)

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  • Jody
    Nov 19 12:31 PM
      Hi Lotta,

      >Don Passenger wrote:
      >>but cannot you start a while back and bring it up to current?
      >They, seemingly, don't provide a version to update from. But it turned out
      >they after all do but have misnamed it. I don't know why, must have been a
      >hunch, but I downloaded a bunch of files from their ftp and it turned out
      >the one found in a folder called updater42 and called ep4xto42.exe (that's
      >how they name their 'updaters') actually is a full installation. Yey!
      >Hopefully that'll fix the problems.
      >Then ETrust released a new AV version. It turned out...
      >Why do programs that start out as really good turn bad? I've used
      >Kerio for years and ETrust since the days it was free and called
      >Inoculate PE without a problem. :-(

      Me too! I don't really like the new version of EzTrust AV because
      they did away with a lot of the user configuration, or at least I
      cannot find it. It is causing a spam program not to work right
      when there is a virus in it so I have to turn off my eMail
      testing with it. (Don't try to figure that one out. ;) I haven't
      checked into thoroughly yet though, so maybe I'm not sunk in that
      department yet. I'm trying another setting now (have to reboot,
      etc.) so maybe it will be better for me. FWIW, I disabled eMail
      the other day in the settings. I just now enabled it, but
      unchecked the Clean and Quarantine. It'll probably still kill me
      spam program before done downloading, but worth a try.

      Happy Topics,

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