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6049Trouble with Eudora 6.2 fonts

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  • Paul M. King
    Nov 20, 2004
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      Hi Friends:

      Your recent discussion of Eudora 4.3.2 caused me to relate this problem
      with v 6.2 which I have not yet solved. I still have v 4.3.2 somewhere on a
      CD and remember how well it worked for me. I started with Eudora v 2 and
      have used most of the revisions.

      I recently partitioned an 80 gig hard disk with C: for WIN XP, D: for
      documents and settings, and E: for applications. While installing WIN XP, I
      chose the custom method and directed its document and settings files to the
      D: drive. A fresh copy of Eudora 6.2 (sponsored version) is installed on
      the E: drive and its .mbx files, settings, address book, filters, etc, are
      on drive D: about five layers deep in the previously installed hierarchical
      files of WIN XP.

      At first, Eudora worked fine, but in a few days the font settings got hosed
      somehow and I was puzzled for a spell about the cause. Finally I went into
      eudora. ini. There I found that settings I had made from Eudora Tools |
      Options | Fonts had been altered which affected the style and size of type
      I was seeing in the message window for both outgoing and incoming mail.

      So I consulted the eudora.ini help file and restored my font setting
      directly in the eudora.ini file (and saved them). But that hasn't cured the
      problem. I am still seeing strange font behavior on the message screen, and
      also faulty wraparounds producing ragged lines as well. Once again I find
      my settings hosed.

      In other words, my changes in the eudora.ini listings are being altered by
      something I can't identify. The only thing I can think of is that maybe the
      handful of "permanent" files I have within the OS file structure on D:
      suffer because they are too deep in WIN XP.

      Anyone have experience with renaming document and setting files
      on a partitioned HD to solve a problem of this kind? Any light you can shed
      will be appreciated.

      Paul King
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