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    Oct 30, 2004
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      I use NT Pro to write a blog at the Village Voice and then transfer
      everything to our MT program to post it. Works out great.
      Problem is, everyone I work with uses TextPad. What are the differences
      between the two programs? I know I can customize NT; I've done it to
      create my own clips, etc. And I also like the idea of using the keyboard
      for everything, another strong point of NT. In other words, I really
      like using it. I need some guidance here because I don't know anything
      about TextPad.
      Ward Harkavy

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      Subject: [NTO] Headsup: Latest Googlebar Causes Error on NetCaptor

      Hi All,

      FOR YOUR INFORMATION, if you use NetCaptor...

      Headsup: Latest Googlebar Causes Error on NetCaptor Shutdown!
      ( - Click on Google | Help | About Google Toolbar)
      At least in XP.

      If the damage has already been done:

      Googlebar: 458Mb v2.0.113.0


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