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59[NTO] Re: Breaking MS monopoly

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  • Ernie
    Feb 6, 2000
      I remember this product from awhile back and found my old link to it at
      Star Vision http://www.stardivision.com/ which now sends you to Suns
      site. Seems Sun took over this.

      >Hello all!
      >I discover a nice FREE multiplatform (Unices, Win, Mac) program smart
      >enough to reuse MSWord docs you always receive via e-mail by morons
      >thinking everyone has Word.
      >And it does a bunch of other interesting things, like spreadsheets,
      >presentations, graphics and so on.
      >For X-windows lovers there is also a feature to use X-like windows (or Mac,
      >or OS/2...)
      >It's Sun StarOffice 5: read about it at http://www.sun.com
      >Using that program,
      >- if you hate Bill you don't need to use his programs
      >- if you love Bill you can show he don't own the world
      >Marco Bernardini

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