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5789Files to CD-R and Costs (was Re: [NTO] Files to CD-R)

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  • Jody
    Sep 2 6:58 AM
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      Hi Harvey, Jeff, Others...

      I tried that (open=index.htm) one back on my Win98 machine to
      open with an index.htm years back and it didn't work. I believe
      that is when I also tried the shellexecute=index.htm which didn't
      work either on Win98. But, you are correct that it doesn't cost
      much. :)

      I look for specials all the time on pricewatch.com and eBay. With
      shipping costs I can usually get 100 bulk pack of blank CD-R (no
      branding such as manufacturers name on the CD) for $.20-$0.25 a
      CD-R. (Grade A quality 48-52x silver on blue or silver on silver
      which is actually silver on green) I also like to buy other
      shipping or label supplies in the same order to save on shipping
      costs. Normally you can add other items in the order for pennies
      more in shipping, if anything whereas if you order them
      separately there seems to be like a minimum shipping cost. So,
      separately you might pay $5.95 for 100 CD labels, but if added in
      with say 100 blank CD-R there might be a charge or $0.00-$1.00 or
      so more. It really pays to shop around for CD-R duplication
      products: media, labels, inserts, cases, mailers, etc. When doing
      so on eBay.com or PriceWatch.com pay attention the the Feedback
      given to the company. Not all negative feedback is justifiable
      either, IMO. Also, before ordering, make sure you check out
      shipping charges and prices on other products from the same
      company/seller. You'll nearly always come out better buying from
      the same company if you can find one that have good prices all
      the way across the board and not just on their special.

      This is the accepted format for all Windows OS'.

      I don't think it is a legitimate command:

      I believe that this is for Win2000 and above:

      >> Ok I made a CD-r with the autorun.inf file ( contains:
      >> [autorun]
      >> shellexecute=index.html
      >> and it doesn't "autorun"
      >> (Index.html IS in the same directory as teh autorun.inf, the Cd's root
      >> directory.)
      >Try creating a new autorun.inf using "open=filename.exe" as
      >below. I don't know if "open=filename.html" will work but, it
      >won't cost much to try it.


      I can only please one person a day.
      Today is obviously not your day.
      Tomorrow doesn't look good either. 8D
      http://www.fookes.com/regnow.html?2448 ;)
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