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5758Re: [NTO] Files to CD-R

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  • Jody
    Sep 1, 2004
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      Hi Jeff,

      I made the CD as prescribed and it worked. I was messing around
      in Computer Management trying to figure out how to get rid of the
      XP Themes and Appearance when I click on my Control Panel and.
      well other than wanting to get rid of that... I ran across the
      area again where you can Remove, Assign, etc. drives letters. All
      that to say, make sure your CD drive have a letter assigned to
      it. <g> Perhaps that is why you are getting the no page found
      error. You can open it from where you copied it to CD from,

      >Ok I made a CD-r with the autorun.inf file contains:
      > [autorun]
      > shellexecute=index.html
      >and it doesn't "autorun"
      > However it comes up page not found...

      If you are getting the page not found message I would think it is
      running as far as autorun goes. ;) A lot of times the CDs I burn
      won't run on my burner drive until I reboot. It is an older
      drive, but I've never had any problems with bad CDs, so I don't
      dare get another. <g> Does it work after you reboot? I guess
      something doesn't know where your CD is. ;) I'll burn one later
      to see if it works for me. What Windows OS are you on, that might
      make a difference?

      Happy Topics,

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