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5753Re: [NTO] Files to CD-R

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  • Steve Veltkamp
    Sep 1, 2004
      I'm replying off-list because I can't get stupid Yahoo to accept my

      I do however have it so website autoloads from CD, just as you want. The
      program you want is Karen's Powertool PTAutorun, at:


      Jeff Scism <scismgenie@...> said:

      > I would like to place my websites on CD, for distribution, although It
      > is easy to move the files ( I use NERO express) I want the CD to be
      > self-opening on the Index page of the user's browser when they insert
      > it. ( just like going to the site), A set has already been sent out,
      > but some people have no concept on how to BROWSE to the opening page and
      > execute it, I need "idiot proof" (aol level) useability.
      > This requires a additional program included (that I don't have) that
      > allows this to happen, anyone have any ideas on how to set this up?
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