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5750Re: [NTO] FrontPage Sever Extensions

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  • Larry Hamilton
    Aug 29, 2004
      The problems I had sound much like yours, but were with an ISP located
      in Kansas City, MO, when I lived there. It was staffed by all native
      speakers of US English.

      They kept telling me to do something on my end, but there was nothing
      for me to do. It finally went up to their chief IT person, who actually
      knew what he was doing. That is when I learned that FP extensions on
      Unix tended to get blown away if I did something specific on my end, and
      since it was a locked down ISP, I could not re-enable the FP extensions.

      I do not remember what caused the FP extensions to get wiped out, but as
      it was explained to me, it was because the web host used Unix. I think
      it may have been something to do with using an FTP program to upload
      changed HTML pages, instead of letting Front Page do it. But it has been
      nearly 5 years. It was enough of a headache, that I decided to forget
      about FrontPage.

      Larry Hamilton
      My Webpage
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