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5739Re[2]: [NTO] Pop-Ups

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  • Mark Partous
    Aug 27, 2004
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      Hello Don,

      Wednesday, July 14, 2004, 4:40:35 AM, you wrote:

      Dhc> Mordechai wrote:

      >> Hello Everybody,
      >> I would like to ask your help about a good 'Anti pop-up' program you know / use.
      >> I have some old program called "Pop-Up Stopper" version 2.2 and it
      >> works fine as far as 'normal' windows are involved.

      Dhc> The best pop-up blocker is free. Dump Internet Explorer and start using
      Dhc> firefox browser (the most current Mozilla browser) from http://mozilla.org

      Dhc> It features pop-up control, is very compliant with html/css standards,
      Dhc> has tabbed browsing (you'll like that!) and best of all there are some
      Dhc> wonderful extensions available that make many things very handy, such as
      Dhc> web development tools, edit a sites css on the fly if you don't like
      Dhc> theirs, etc.

      Well, if Don wants to stick to IE, he might try Netcaptor:

      I also use Mozilla under Xandros and FireFox under Win2000, but I cannot use
      those for working with some sites I use professionally (banks & insurance

      Best Wishes,
      using The Bat! 2.12.03
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