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5699Re: [NTO] Firefox question (was new page up)

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  • Robert Romberger
    Aug 14, 2004
      On 12 Aug 2004 at 19:12, Jody wrote:

      > >Probably, but I've never used Netcaptor much. Is "alias function"
      > >a way to associate some text string with a URL so you just type
      > >it in the Address bar and the browser figures out which you want?
      > Yes, that's what it is. You assign like "g" to http://google.com
      > and type g <enter> into the Addressbar and your there.

      Netscape has had the keyword function available for many years now, same
      holds true for Mozilla and Firefox. It is a part of the bookmark functions.

      Quoting Mozilla Help on Internet Keywords:

      Using Internet Keywords

      Internet Keywords work with the Location Bar to help you quickly find
      specific types of information. There are several ways to use Internet

      * Type a specific product, trademark, or company name and press Enter
      (Return on Mac OS), to go directly to a company's web site.
      * Type certain verbs, such as "shop" or "quote," followed by the word
      you want to look up, to get specific information. For instance, "shop pets"
      takes you to a page with links to online pet stores.
      * Type the name of a city or town followed by certain words such as
      "movies" or "restaurants," for local information. For instance, type "san
      francisco restaurants".

      Hint: The most commonly used Internet Keywords are listed in the pull-down
      list to the left of the Location Bar. Click the triangle and choose from
      the list. To see a longer list of keywords, choose List of Keywords.

      Important: To use Internet Keywords, you must press Enter on your keyboard
      (Return on Mac OS) instead of clicking the Search button. Pressing Enter
      activates the Internet Keyword feature; clicking Search initiates a search.

      To see the difference, try this:

      1. Type "apple imac" into the Location Bar and press Enter (Return).
      Apple Computer's iMac Web page appears.
      2. Now type "apple imac" into the Location Bar and click Search. You see
      a list of links related to Apple Computer's iMac models.

      If typing Internet Keywords into the Location Bar is not working for you,
      check your Smart Browsing preferences to be sure the Internet Keywords
      feature is enabled.

      Hope that helps.

      Imagination grows by exercise, and contrary to common belief, is more
      powerful in the mature than in the young. W. Somerset Maugham
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