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5671RE: [NTO] command line parmeters

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  • Jason Wellband
    Aug 1 2:28 PM
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      : From: Mike Hopkins [mailto:ironmike@...]
      : OK, good folks, what are the command line parameters
      : to open new window minimized, MAXIMIZED, or Normal?

      Depends on the program :)

      : Also, is there any command line parameter that will
      : close a window after the associated program has
      : finished?

      Ditto :)

      : I'm trying to get windows scheduler to open Media player,
      : play a tone every ten minutes and exit.

      You might try this (Assuming Media Player >7 is installed):

      "C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\mplayer2.exe" /play /close

      You could solve most of this with a scripting/automation program.
      AutoIt comes to mind.


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