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5621RE: [NTO] Pop-Ups

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  • Jason Wellband
    Jul 13, 2004
      : From: Mordechai [mailto:airflow@...]
      : Hello Everybody,
      : I would like to ask your help about a good 'Anti pop-up'
      : program you know / use.

      Sure, don't use IE :-D seriously, even the Department of Homeland Security
      said its not safe. Instead, use Mozilla, Opera, or Firefox. Moz and Firefox
      can import your favorites and settings from IE. Not sure about Opera, I'd
      assume it could tho. Moz and Firefox will block all unrequested popups and
      ActiveX isn't existant in any of the three browsers so that's gone too. It
      dramatically reduces the amount of spyware one can get.

      One thing to note is that any IE addon or skin like MyIE2 or Crazybrowser
      aren't safe either since they use the same engine that IE uses - which has
      seeral critical flaws that aren't patchable.

      Outlook Express suffers from the same problems as well. Thunderbird is an
      alternative although I've heard that 0.8 has a few bugs that advanced users
      might hit. I'm moving everybody I'm responsible for over to FF and
      Thunderbird tho, and so far, no probs :)




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