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  • Mordechai
    Jul 13, 2004
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      Hello Everybody,
      I would like to ask your help about a good 'Anti pop-up' program you know / use.
      I have some old program called "Pop-Up Stopper" version 2.2 and it works fine as far as 'normal' windows are involved.
      But it does not stop those small windows poping and asking to install something or change the home-page.
      Sometimes the 'fight' with those popups cause me to use the task manager to close IE.
      Recently found a "Popup Blocker Pro" program, it described what it can do, so I installed it, the results were bad and it was removed after one day - I would not recomend it.
      So, if anyone knows / uses such a program and is 'happy' with it, please let me know.
      Many thanks in advance.
      Mordechai M.

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