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5589Re: [NTO] virus?

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  • Brian Binder
    Jun 22, 2004
      >Will the computer boot to DOS?
      >If so, one thing you might try, since you can't do much more damage than
      >is already done, is, boot to DOS, type at the C:\... prompt,
      >format c: /mbr
      The correct command would be "fdisk /mbr" at the command prompt to
      restore this. This is non-destructive to the operating system.

      >Mbr is, Main Boot Record.
      MBR is the "Master Boot Record"

      > It should clean all data, including any
      >virus, from the MBR allowing you to, at least, boot into Windows.
      From all that I have read so far (I would have replied earlier but was
      sick) I would proceed next by simply downloading one of the
      manufacturer's utilities to diagnose the drive. If it's a Maxtor, hit
      their web site and download their diagnostics disk. Same with Seagate
      or WD. This will help determine if the drive is bad and can even
      low-level format it back to factory specs, if need be. Please give this
      a shot and post back with your results.

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