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  • rbmooney
    May 28, 2004
      That's interesting about the small fonts being crisp at only their true
      size. I do use them at 5 pt. for my credit-card-size personal med cards.
      One side has all my med procedures and medicines; the other side shows EKG's
      and certain blood profile results. That card alone has saved me lots of
      complications in travels to Europe but especially to Eastern Europe: Prague
      and Olomouc. I plasticize it, punch a grommet into one center end, attach a
      neck chain, and aside from filling my chest with tattoos with the same info,
      doctors and nurses only mumble about the small size. When they do I do a
      Sherlock Holmes gesture and they get their magnifying glass or a clear water
      glass filled with water and that enlarges any and all parts of both sides.
      This is especially important when one is allergic to certain "life-saving"
      drugs. My name is placed vertically on the left border: all neat looking
      and very helpful to the medical people. Years ago I tried 4 pt
      fonts--originated by the printer alone!--and would be using that to this day
      had the prn not given up the ghost. Back then--1984--it was capable of
      going lower though I couldn't see the value of 3 or 2 pt fonts.

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      > rbmooney wrote:
      > >Frankly, the only diff. I ever see is that silkscreen is ALL CAPS and it
      has the value of expansion or reg. setting. But...it does look nice under
      small thumbnail jpgs or other misc small icons.
      > Yes, as Greg said, that's the purpose of those small fonts. You don't use
      them in documents but in graphics, for instance for button captions. They
      are made up of distinct pixels without any anti-aliasing or smoothing of any
      kind. That makes them crisp but only at their true size. >
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