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547Re: [NTO] Dora

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  • Marco Bernardini
    Jun 9, 2000
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      Alle 07.35 Thursday 08/06/2000 +0200, Lotta ha mandato a Marco questo

      >I dragged the window to the left to minimize it, got to far out and gone it

      Using the "ads mode" there is *no way* to resize the left column less than
      the ad width, so this can be a clue: try to switch to "sponsorized", then
      back to "paid".

      I guess this can restore the mailbox window.

      About .ini file: I just discover the "Help - insert system configuration"
      makes a copy of eudora.ini in the attach folder.

      Another warning: clicking on the address book tab you see at the bottom the
      buttons "New", "Del" and ">>".
      If you click the ">>" the "addresses/notes" windows replace the nicknames
      list: to have it back again you must drag the vertical bar on the left to
      the right.

      Hope this solves a future problem :-)

      Who has 2 or more monitors can drag mailboxes, address book and other tabs
      on the secondary monitor, I suppose, just like on a Mac (using multiple
      monitors this since 1986, when I must use SideKick to have a handy
      calculator on DOS screen ...)


      Marco Bernardini
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