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535Re: [NTO] Dora - The Solution

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  • Jody
    Jun 8, 2000
      Hi Lotta,

      I hope you did not get upset with me laughing the other day about
      the resizing of the Mailbox window. I was not laughing at you,
      but at all people including myself. I find the stupid things we
      *all* do very funny - especially when we keep doing them. It
      seems it take me a few times of getting burnt to realize the fire
      is hot. It is like a real life comedy show to me. When I saw my
      Eudora box disappear I starting laughing and said, "Well, look at
      that - its gone - hahahaha." Really, I do not take hardly any of
      this computer stuff serious. It is just a bunch of electrons
      speeding around in a bunch of silicon, solder runs, wires, fiber,
      etc. Ask me if I care if my drive gets wiped out before I post
      this. I need to nuke Windows shortly anyway. ;) Hope I remember
      to backup *all* my reg password, dun, etc. stuff this time. <g>

      There was absolutely nothing personal meant by it.

      Happy Topics,

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