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5338RE: [NTO] Transferring NTP and MB from WIN98se to WINXP

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  • Jason Wellband
    Apr 7, 2004
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      : From: Roger Whitehead [mailto:rgw@...]

      : In article <002201c41cb1$ce59d780$554ffea9@OurPC>, Larry
      : Hamilton wrote:
      : > Another less expensive option, would be one of those new
      : pocket USB drives.
      : Yes, they're very handy but there's a potential gotcha. Many
      : of them use USB
      : 2 or Firewire. If the old machine has only USB 1.0/1.1,
      : you're possibly into
      : motherboard and O/S upgrades. (Win 98 first edition won't
      : work with USB 2,
      : AFAIK.

      I could be mistaken here, but USB 2.0 should drop down to USB 1.1 if you
      take a USB 2 device and plug it into a USB 1.1 port. At any rate, I doubt
      Windows 98 would support a USB 2 port, but you shouldn't need one - although
      the dropdown will make it slower.'


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