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532Re: [NTO] Dora - The Solution

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  • Jim Hall
    Jun 8, 2000
      I sent this to the list earlier (or at least I thought I did) but never saw
      it there.

      At 04:28 AM 6/8/00, you wrote:

      >Hello Jim,

      >The correct way to close this window is by clicking on the little "X" at the
      >upper right corner of the window.

      >Oh, is that what it's for? Would that "X" have the same function in other
      >applications, too?

      Ziiiinnnngggg!!! (G) It might.

      >Edit the .ini file as shown below:
      >Tested. Doesn't alter the behavior of the mailboxes window for me. Perhaps
      >it acts differently on different systems.


      The parameter I outlined determines the width of the window on my system.
      Perhaps the toolbars get assigned by the order in which they are opened or
      some such as that.

      If so, it would be the same parameter but in a different tool bar.

      On my system:


      Is this the same for your system?


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