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5310Re: [NTO] Ha! Success! (NotePro with wine on Linux)

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  • Steven Karp
    Apr 2, 2004
      On Wednesday 31 March 2004 06:53 pm, you wrote:
      > For the libraries, I had some sort of issue, I think I made note of it in
      > my detailed post in January. I have not had a chance to look at it. The
      > biggest thing I found was for ligrary names that started with an underscore
      > or any other non-alphanumeric character would not let me click the library
      > tab at the bottom, and maybe change in the clipbar too.

      That doesn't seem to be an issue for me, since all of my libraries seem to
      start with letters. <grin> I did figure out the if I right-click the
      library panel and choose "Hide" it goes away, at least until I exit NotePro
      and restart it. That's close enough to get by, anyway.

      > For some reason, I cannot get RedHat 7.2 to work with newer versions of
      > Wine. I have been too afraid of messing up my Windows partition to update
      > to a newer version of RedHat. I am also a little miffed that RedHat dropped

      Interesting. I wonder why that would be. As far as the upgrading RH goes, I
      strongly recommend getting a full-disk image backup program (I use Acronis
      TrueImage) and a second hard drive (in my case, I backup over the network to
      a second machine, but Acronis will support most USB, Firewire, or PCMCIA
      drives, as well as internal drives. The advantage is that if an install goes
      astray and you wipe out your Windows partition (or any other partition, for
      that matter) you can immediately restore it and get yourself right back where
      you were. It's saved my rear end several times, usually when I did something
      stupid like install an OS to the wrong partition.

      > I do not know what version to go to. I have not had time to really weigh my
      > options.

      I've heard good things about Fedora Core, which is supposedly the best Red Hat
      derivative, so it should be a fairly easy transition. Personally, I've used
      Xandros, SuSE, and Gentoo, and they all have good and bad points. If you're
      comfortable with Gnome, though, I'd suggest that you stick with distributions
      that use Gnome, rather than trying to make the switch to KDE or another
      window manager.

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