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5303Re: [NTO] Ha! Success! (NotePro with wine on Linux)

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  • Ed
    Apr 1, 2004
      I have some questions about using WINE. I cannot seem to get anything to open in it. I see that wine is running on my machine. I have searched google, asked people that are supposed to know these things and so far I have had no satisfactory answer. How do I load NoteTab Pro into wine, in fact how do I load any Windows program into wine. Is Wine supposed to open like a regular app in Windows. All I know is that WINE is running because it says shutting WINE down when I shut down Linux. I don't know enough to get any program to load once I download it. I can see where it is but when I click on it nothing happens.Can you give me a few clues? Email me privately if you wish. ebrown27@... All I get from most people is rtfm. But I cannot find the manual or at least one that has anything to do with making programs open and run -- that is all programs except those in the start menu. I have been to the WINE page and read it but most did not make any sense to me. I would like a good tutorial beginning at the very basics on how to open WINE and especially how to load Windows programs into it.

      Steven wrote:
      Ha! Success! (NotePro with wine on Linux)

      Problem solved!

      I'm not sure *why* the fix works, but I'm satisfied (at least for the moment)
      because it *is* working.

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