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528Re: [NTO] Dora - The Solution

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  • Jody
    Jun 8, 2000
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      Hi Jim,

      > [ToolBar-Bar1]

      > MRUVertDockCX=200 <---- this number will be 0 or in some cases
      > even a negative number Change it to 100 or more and WALA!!

      That might depend on what configuration you have setup. I have
      15 Toolbar sections. One of the settings I posted I think has to
      do with which Toolbar section it uses. I don't know - just
      guessing. I know I only have one Toolbar configured, so the
      others must be there for a reason especially when you take them
      out and Eudora crashes because they are missing on startup. <g>

      Happy Topics,

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