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5247Re: Directory Opus 6

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  • John Zeman
    Feb 5, 2004
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      I've been using DOpus since last spring and I seem to recall having
      the same problems with it for awhile. But I don't have those
      problems now and I'm using the same computer and operating system
      (Windows XP Pro) so I assume it may have been a bug fixed in a recent
      maintenance release of DOpus.

      The current version available is if you have an older
      version, I'd suggest updating it.

      I'd also suggest joining their support forum, you can get the
      information on how to do that at the DOpus web site.

      If you have the current version then maybe it is a Windows issue for
      you. All I can tell you for sure Mordechai is I don't have that
      problem with DOpus now.


      --- In ntb-OffTopic@yahoogroups.com, Mordechai <airflow@n...> wrote:
      > Hello Friends,
      > I have installed the "Dopus 6" and have some questions to other
      users of this program:
      > While adding a new folder to the folder tree, either by moving from
      another place or by copying or by just creating a new folder, I
      cannot see/find this folder in the folder tree until a GOOD F5 press
      to refresh the list - there is no automatic refresh. But I can
      imediatly see it in the right pane - the files tree.
      > And another thing: Sometimes I need to delete a folder after some
      installation, and it happens that that installation says I cannot
      delete it, but the folder was gone from the list, and again F5 shows
      it back.
      > The program installation was smooth and OK.
      > What is wrong?
      > Will appreciate some answers as I like this program much better
      then the original Explorer.
      > OS=Windows XP pro+sp1
      > Thanks
      > Mordechai M.
      > airflow@n...
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