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524Re: [NTO] Dora

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  • Jody
    Jun 7, 2000
      Hi Lotta,

      > I managed to loose the mailboxes window again today. This time I
      > know what I did. I did what I think Jody did to recreate my first
      > loss of it. I dragged the window to the left to minimize it, got
      > to far out and gone it was.

      I have to laugh at that one Lotta - not at you, but I did say, do
      not drag the window out of sight or something to that effect. <g>
      Yes, that is how I made it disappear *really* "good" I mean
      really!!! Good!!! <bg> Actually, I thought it was kind of funny.
      Restoral wasn't hard at all.

      > I've used Eudora 3.8 (?) for a year or so without this happening.
      > I tend to drag that window closed a lot. My guess is this is a new
      > behavior and not a very funny one. Wasn't hard to fix, now that I
      > know how to. But never the less, nothing I want to do everyday. So
      > beware.

      Yes, it is good to know, but I like the line, "If you haven't
      laughed at yourself today, you missed a good joke." ;) You
      watch, sooner or later I'll make the same mistake again. I
      always just close the thing, because I don't use it that much. I
      did add a icon for it and just hit the X button on the window so
      it is very easy to open/close.

      I think the best thing to do is report it to Eudora.

      Happy Topics,

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