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5164Re: [NTO] Carriage Return and Enter: Are these duplicate Keys?

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  • Mike Hopkins
    Jan 9, 2004
      ----- Original Message ----- >

      >...it's the "kids" who can't
      > keyboard who are programming these days. Much of this
      skill is being lost, because the programmers don't know it
      > Just an observation.
      > Christine

      How true...how sadly true. It also seems that many of todays
      "programmers" are skillful in stitching together libraries,
      packages, objects and modules that others coded
      who-knows-when, but the basic logic and coding skills seem
      to being dying.

      Thirtty-two years this week I started my first programming
      class on a honeywell 6000 that had a suppport/operations
      staf of 14 PER SHIFT!

      I still remember plugboard machines like the IBM 1401.

      Mike (the greybeard) Hopkins
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