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5148Carriage Return and Enter: Are these duplicate Keys?

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  • Greg Chapman
    Jan 8, 2004
      Hi Gang,

      I've got into a discussion elsewhere on whether the CR (typing area) and
      Enter (numeric keypad) keys are duplicates of each other or different. I'm
      seeking views and experience to put into the debate....

      I recognise that many people refer to the CR key as the Enter key. Some
      keyboards even have the legend "Enter" with the L-shaped arrow! (Though I
      would claim this is completely wrong - and certainly unhelpful for a IT
      tutor trying to distinguish between the keys!) Now I have come across
      someone who believes that it is legitimate to call the Enter key (numeric
      keypad) the CR key!

      I know that technically they are different and produce different scan codes
      when hit and _can_ be programmed to do different things. However, I can't
      recall any examples of a program where the key have been programmed to do
      things differently. (Though I recall that Excel or some such program may
      behave differently depending on whether the Scroll-Lock is on?)

      It's also been suggested that the two Shift keys are identical. Again, I
      can recall having programs that do different things with right-shift and
      left-shift. Can you recall examples?

      Can anyone help with other examples, history, or more technical details?

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