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5143NoteTab on Linux - Re: [NTO] OpenOffice Beginner

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  • lm_hamilton
    Jan 6, 2004
      I know there is a lot of interest of using NoteTab on Linux, here are
      some notes I took of a little journey this evening. I hit a few rough
      patches, mostly of my own creation. These are rough notes, I have my
      process and notes, ahas, and results. There are a few things that
      appear not to work, but is most likely due to the older version of Red
      Hat Linux (7.2) and WINE that is over a year old.

      I hope this is useful. If I have time (Ha!) I will play some more and
      share the results. This is more fun than the work I should have
      brought home. ;-)

      NOTE: I built a clip with the ^!URL command to launch Yahoo Groups in
      Linux to write this message online. (cool!)

      Below is the text of what I intended to be a web page to post online,
      but did not have time to dig into doing it that way....

      Test Page Done by NoteTab In RedHat Linux 7.2

      When first starting NoteTab via WINE it is quite slow, but if you exit
      and re-start NoteTab, it is blazing fast. Since Linux does not have a
      problem being running all the time, this is a bonus.

      It runs clips ok, but the text portion of the editor shows a blinking
      cursor about 20 to 50 spaces over from where it really is. This makes
      it hard to judge where to insert if needed. I just used the HTML clip
      to make this quick page. I only have NotePro 4.91, so I do not know if
      4.95 would be any better.

      The spell check feature works. Some clip libraries with leading
      underscores do not seem to want to work. Leading ! is fine. Those with
      spaces in the name have a problem and will not start. Also those with
      underscores in the middle of the clip library name do not work. Those
      with leading numbers do work. Highlighting words does odd things, if
      only part of the word is highlighted, the non-highlighted parts appear
      to have spaces added where the highlight ends. It will not launch the
      default browser, not sure yet how to get around this.

      Good News! - I figured it out! I first off did not have a browser set
      up in the INI! duh! Go to View -> Options click the Internet Tab, and
      enter the path to the desired web browser, for example, I used
      "Z:\usr\local\mozilla\mozilla." without the quotes. Since WINE mimics
      the Windows environment, it uses a drive letter within NoteTab, but
      the drive gets assigned by WINE, I believe.
      The only problem I have seen is that Mozilla/Linux does not know how
      to handle viewing the files open in NoteTab, due to the drive letter
      and colon sent by WINE. The good news is that the ^!URL command can
      launch a web site. I imagine that any other browser in Linux would
      work too. Part of the problem, I discovered is that the real path of
      the file is: "file:///home/larry/wine/linux_notetab_test.htm", this is
      what was sent to Mozilla: "file:///Y|/wine/linux_notetab_test.htm". I
      have not tried tweaking Browsers.dat, since it will not let Mozilla
      open two instances of the same user. I know it can open multiple tabs,
      just need to figure out the settings.

      Based on the Mozilla experience, one should be able to get NoteTab to
      launch just about any program. Since it interfaces nicely with Perl, I
      am curious to see if this will work. I did try to send email, but no
      way to tell it the default email client to use off the menu, perhaps
      with a clip and the ^!Email command? Lots of interesting possibilities....

      I forgot to mention earlier that the HTML syntax highlighting works.

      I have NotePad in a Wine directory under my user name with the NoteTab
      directory sturcture.

      NotePro looks weird when maximized, the editor window is small and has
      about 2 inches of blank gray to the right and bottom, and I cannot
      drag to change the size of the Clip Assistant or ClipBook.
      The pasteboard feature highlights the tab, but does not paste in the
      copied items. I changed the size of the font and the odd "feature" of
      the cursor being too far to the right of its actual position vanished.
      I Changed it to Courier 12 Regular. WINE has built-in support for a
      limited number of fonts.
      I also figured this out. I copied in something from another location,
      Linux, at least RH 7.2 does not do a directory copy in GUI like
      Windows, it replaces the directory and contents, rather than just add
      new stuff and ask about duplicates. I blew away the clip libraries and
      clipbars. I had to kill the process, but surprisingly is save the INI
      settings! Must be another Linux difference.

      One problem is that I cannot get NoteTab to exit. Not sure what to do
      about that. I also cannot view the chm style help files. It did offer
      to download the hlp sytle help. Not sure yet if it will work. I read
      somewhere that Linux supports chm files, but I have not found what to
      do to make it work.

      I was able to create a new OTL file, but could not add anything to it.
      It must have something to do with the support of Windows controls in
      WINE. (Wrong again, it was the fact that I overwrote my clipbars, and
      it flaked out NotePro. Whe I cam back in I could create and add topics
      to the OTL. The first one did not save. The links work and the
      brackets highlight!!) The version of WINE I have is from October 31,
      2002, so it has undergone a lot of improvement since. I will try
      updating my version of WINE and see if that helps. I did get it to
      paste when I clicked the clipboard paste icon on the toolbar.

      I just discovered that my NoteTab commandline creation clip will
      launch another instance of NoteTab within WINE! Cool!

      I had not done much with NoteTab in Linux until now, but am very
      pleased with the results so far. I think with a newer version of Linux
      and WINE, there will be much better results, but I do not have time to
      do that anytime soon. I find myself in a familiar position, I check
      into a neat new gizmo and lose track of the time.... Well Off to bed!

      Larry Hamilton
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