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5129NoteTab on Linux - Re: [NTO] OpenOffice Beginner

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  • Larry Hamilton
    Jan 5, 2004

      I dual boot Windows XP Home and Red Hat 7.2. There is a free utility called
      WINE that mimics a Windows environment and allows Windows programs to run.

      I went back to my MailBag archives of the Clips list, from January 14, 2003,
      and found the last post I made on this subject. I thought I made a post on
      this to the NTO list, but maybe I did not, or I lost the post....

      Message 1:
      I got NoteTab Pro working under RedHat Linux 7.2 with Wine. I found a link
      that made it all very clear how to make a Windows program work under Linux.

      Here is one link, but is not the one I am thinking of. I got it working and
      meant to put something together, but there is always something going on.


      Found it! Here is the link that made it all come together for me. It has how
      to make sure Wine is working and how to make a Windows exe work.


      I have to switch to my Unix partition to find my notes. I thought I had
      saved them off to my Windows partition.

      I will find my notes and post more.


      Message 2:
      Here is a follow up to my previous email. Further comments will be on the
      Off-Topic List.

      Once you get wine installed, use these steps to actually execute the

      cd to wine directory
      cd to NoteTab directory (I named the directory NoteTab, remember Unix/Linux
      is case sensitive.)
      winelauncher Notepro.exe (this is the command line to make it work.)

      None of the above is hard, but it took me a while to find the winelauncher


      Larry Hamilton

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      Subject: Re: [NTO] OpenOffice Beginner

      > Hi Larry,
      > Mmm. I've been away too--in the garden. Thanks for your informative post,
      > the most interesting part of which is
      > >I have gotten NoteTab to run in Linux.
      > How, please?
      > Fay
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