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5128Re: [NTO] OpenOffice Beginner

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  • bizshop1
    Jan 5, 2004
      I am also hanging on to Windows for one reason and one reason only -

      If someone can successfully use it in Linux, PULEEZE let us all know
      how you did it!!! I'll switch in a gnat's heartbeat.

      --- In ntb-OffTopic@yahoogroups.com, "Larry Hamilton" <lmh@h...>
      > Fay,
      > Been our of town on vacation.....
      > Glad to help. What I like best about Open Office is that it is the
      > program in all Operating Systems it has been ported to. One can
      stay with
      > Windows if that is what they prefer, or can get more ambitious and
      try Linux
      > or any other free OS.
      > NoteTab is one program that is keeping my foot in the Windows
      world. I'm too
      > lazy, er, busy to learn how to do what I do with all the Clips
      I've built
      > and accumulated over that last 5 1/2 years.
      > My wife is also too limited in her view of using computers and it
      is hard
      > enough to help her when MS changes the look and feel of Windows.
      However, I
      > think the most recent changes to Linux desktop packages may be
      what she and
      > other Windows users need to be more comfortable in making the
      > If the price was not so high, more users might opt to use one of
      the options
      > for running Windows in Linux or Unix. From what I read it is fast
      and never
      > crashes. I have gotten NoteTab to run in Linux. I think I need a
      > version of Linux to make it more stable. I have not had time to
      play like I
      > would prefer. ;-)
      > I also like how Open Office supports saving documents straight to
      PDF. If
      > does not give a lot of formatting options, at least in the
      > package, but it is fast. I have not had time to work with the word
      > processing to see how it works, but that is a big step forward. It
      > save needing two or three programs for those that want to generate
      PDFs for
      > free.
      > Larry
      > Fay wrote:
      > > Larry
      > >
      > > Thank you for your encouragement.
      > >
      > >> If not for "free" Word and Excel with new computers at work, I
      > >> sure we would go to Open Office.
      > >
      > > Indeed. Also, people buying a new pc are more or less told they
      > > buy the latest MS OS or go without. Then they find that, without
      > > installing at least one MS Office program, they have no spell
      > > in Outlook Express. And so on. Ah well, once you had to have a
      > > Ford or no motor car.
      > >
      > > It's hard going straight to Linux because everything is
      > > If I have one suite of programs with which I feel at home I'll do
      > > better.
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