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  • Christine
    Dec 30, 2003
      I'll try the renaming thing, Jodi.
      Ironically, all this started when I ran a checkdisk and defragged.
      I'm on W2K Pro, not messing around with the mess that XP is. I haven't done
      anything unusual, but I've had odd things happening since.
      I'm hoping a windows reinstall isn't in the offing, since that's kind of a
      PIA. I'd rather wipe it clean and do the whole shooting match over again.

      I'll let you know what happens!

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      From: Jody [mailto:kjv-av1611@...]
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      Hi Christine,

      I'd first try opening NoteTab's INI file found in its main folder
      (NoteTab.ini for Std/Light). Retype over a letter so that it
      creates a state of needing to be saved. Simply save the file with
      an exclamation mark (!NotePro.ini or !NoteTab.ini) in front of it
      and restart NoteTab. Restart NoteTab.

      If that does not work, try a new INI file by renaming the current
      so you can save your settings by going back to the original if it
      doesn't help. If you want to create a new INI file, close NoteTab
      and rename NotePro.ini found in its main folder (NoteTab.ini for
      Std/Light). Start up NoteTab and it will use its default settings
      actually creating the INI file when you shut it down.

      If that fixes it, try going through the same procedure, but
      rename your original INI file back to its original name. If it
      looks OK then, all is well. If not you will need to build the new
      INI file again and redo all your settings. You might be able to
      get away with copying all the text in the old INI file and
      pasting it into the new INI file. Simply save the file with an
      exclamation mark (!NotePro.ini or !NoteTab.ini) in front of it
      and restart NoteTab.

      Lastly, as far as NoteTab is concerned, I'd try reinstalling it.
      If you are having similar problems with other programs, I'd first
      check for a virus and then do a scandisk. If all that does not
      help and nobody else has any more suggestions and if it were me,
      I'd install Windows again. There is a way to restore Windows to a
      known good places, but I'm not familiar with it. Press F8 when
      you are booting up in WinXP (assuming that is what you are
      running) repeatedly right after the CMOS stuff comes up with the
      press Del note to go into CMOS setup.

      >I'm experiencing something new with my NTP that's frustrating the
      >heck out of me.
      >If I try to open a file, or anything that will call the File
      >Manager --oops! Dating myself. The Windows Explorer, NTP
      >freezes, using all the resources available on my system. IOW, in
      >the Task Manager, it says it's draining 99%.

      Happy Topics,
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