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5068Re: [NTO] Fresh install of WinXP home

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  • Dennis Cummins
    Nov 23, 2003
      Hi Jody,

      On Sunday, November 23, 2003 at 17:58, Jody wrote:

      > >I was wondering if it will actually run in the XP GUI ok. I was
      > >thinking that it would not do that.
      > PQMagic 5 will not run as a GUI in XP at all. I remember it would in
      > like Win98, but you could just play with the buttons; it would not
      > make any changes.


      > >> > > You might not be able to run Win98 programs on it either. That
      > >> > > is why I stick with FAT32 on some of my drives also so that I
      > >> > > can run those programs.
      > >> >
      > >> > All your 98 apps should work fine with NTFS. The apps do not
      > >> > really care how what filing system is being used.
      > I think I said it wrong...

      > >> > Sure you can convert back to FAT 32 but you need to use
      > >> > something like Partition Magic.
      > >>
      > >> Maybe that is how I switch back since some of my Win9 progs
      > >> would not run. I think we discussed this already, but I can
      > >> only go by what happened to me. :)
      > >
      > >I like NTFS ok. I switched to it and have not ever went back.
      > I think I remember what happened to me. I partitioned a drive as NTFS
      > and had my other physical drive partitioned as FAT32. It was that
      > second drive that could not be seen when I booted up in WinXP which
      > was on the first drive. Seems to me the logical drives were acting the
      > same way. I know I had to fall back to FAT32 in order to see them.

      The only thing I have here that is NTFS is the XP partition. XP can
      read all the partitions.

      If I boot to 98, now it cannot see the XP partition. But that is ok
      with me.

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