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5065RE: [NTO] Fresh install of WinXP home

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  • Jody
    Nov 23, 2003
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      Hi Brian, Larry, Dennis, Mary... +++, :)

      I too have only used PQMagic from a floppy booted up in DOS. In
      fact, that is the only way you could use in in v5 and before.
      Well, you could install it on the hard drive and bootup in DOS,
      then start it from there, but you are still in DOS. PQMagic would
      let you run it in Windows, but you would be told that no changes
      could be made. Obviously, you don't want to run it off a drive
      that you will be formatting. <g> I know you can bootup in DOS and
      then put in the PQMagic floppy (or CD now I suppose) and type in
      pqmagic and it will load. (Like I said, I always have mouse.com,
      mouse.drv, and mouse.exe on the floppy and type in mouse at the
      prompt to load the drivers so I can use it in DOS inside PQMagic.)

      Dennis, I have not tried, but I don't think PQMagic would care if
      XP is on a drive and you partition that drive as long as you are
      in DOS. PQMagic is just moving files around if need be and
      splitting the drive where you tell it. Files that are on both
      side of the drive where you tell it to split will just be
      connected/moved to side of the drive. You know all this though
      Dennis. :) I say just bootup in DOS and split the drive. I would
      boot up in XP since that will be loaded and do a defrag to move
      the files to the upper part of the drive so when the drive was
      split you won't take much of a chance of loosing any data. I do
      split them all the time though with data on both sides. PQMagic
      just does its thing. :)

      >> I don't use PM in Native Windows environments. I use PM on a
      >> bootable CD and do everything I need to do from the PM loader.
      >> I haven't ever needed to install PM in Windows to do anything
      >> with partitioning and/or conversions.
      >> Remember that partitioning is independant of the OS. The OS is
      >> dependant on the partition. The partitioning operations are
      >> not dependant on the OS.

      Happy Topics,

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