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5057Re: [NTO] Fresh install of WinXP home

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  • Dennis Cummins
    Nov 22 11:43 AM
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      On Saturday, November 22, 2003 at 13:31, Jody wrote:

      > Hi mcmaier,
      > I must have missed Larry's post, but in short, you *do not* have
      > to uninstall XP. Just leave enough room for PQMagic to work with.
      > A few GB is plenty, but it depends on how big your drive is and
      > where you want to split it. I think one of the reasons they call
      > it PQMagic is because you can split drives containing data on it.
      > I do it all the time and I only have v5.x.

      I did not think Version 5 worked with XP??

      > >Jody, thanks ever so much. I was unclear on my intentions I
      > >think. I will be getting a NEW computer with 2 drives, and
      > >that's what I want to partition. This one has had 3 Win98
      > >reinstalls, and I don't want to do any more with it.
      > >However, I understand there is an "Adminsitrative Tools" function
      > >that allows partitions. I'll look into that and see if I can
      > >manage not to botch up anything. I'd like to use PM for the
      > >second drive and I need to find out if that can be put on after
      > >or before the OS is partitioned manually. Larry's suggestion
      > >seems to be to put in on before.
      > Yes, just split the drive with XP installed. If you want data off
      > the old drive (FAT 32) I suspect, you might not want to format
      > the drive using NSTS or whatever that is. You can convert the
      > drive later if you want (I think). <g> Just look that up in
      > Windows Help. I don't think you can switch back to FAT32, but I'm
      > not sure. Windows XP explains it. If you want us to copy the Help
      > file on it, I'm sure somebody will. (You might not be able to run
      > Win9 programs on it either. That is why I stick with FAT32 on
      > some of my drives also so that I can run those programs.

      All your 98 apps should work fine with NTFS. The apps do not really care
      how what filing system is being used.

      Sure you can convert back to FAT 32 but you need to use something like
      Partition Magic.

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