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5055Re: [NTO] Fresh install of WinXP home

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  • mcmaier
    Nov 22, 2003
      Jody, thanks ever so much. I was unclear on my intentions I think. I will
      be getting a NEW computer with 2 drives, and that's what I want to
      partition. This one has had 3 Win98 reinstalls, and I don't want to do any
      more with it.

      I have found out from Dell, that I cannot get a new computer without the OS
      being installed, so I either have to uninstall that, add Partition Magic
      (version 8) to divide both new drives and reinstall WinXP, or to follow
      Larry's suggestions, which were very hopeful. However, I understand there
      is an "Adminsitrative Tools" function that allows partitions. I'll look into
      that and see if I can manage not to botch up anything. I'd like to use PM
      for the second drive and I need to find out if that can be put on after or
      before the OS is partitioned manually. Larry's suggestion seems to be to
      put in on before.

      I really don't want to uninstall XP and will try to avoid that. However, if
      reinstalling is just like adding any other program I'd give it a try,
      especially if that would enable better use of PM, but I'm afraid it's really
      going to be more complicated than that.

      In general, I want to put the OS and page file in one partition, and the
      rest for some exe's like Notetab Pro, Norton's, Ftp and data. The 2nd drive
      would have partitions for Photoshop, Scratch disc, psd's, website, ARV,
      Html4 , extra-photos, and miscellaneous (Winzip, notepad files,). Each
      drive would be 80GB. Partitions are not definite--just a rough estimate at
      the present time.

      Thanks so much for great suggestions. I'm printing out everything until I
      have to finally get in there and do it!
      With appreciation,
      Marie M
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